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Sl.NO  Position  Name of the Head of the Department  Department / Designation
1  CPDC Chairman   Dr.P.Chandra Sekhar  CPDC Chairman 
2  CPDC Secretary  Sri K.V.R.Subramanyam  Alumni
3  Member  Sri B.Simhadri Rao  Retd. Librarian
4  Member  Sri V.Satish  Alumni
5  Member  Sri Jogeswara Rao  Alumni
6  Member  Sri P.S.Jagga Rao  Lect. in Physics
7  Member  Smt. M.Vidya Kalpana  Lect. in Chemistry
8  Member  Sri R.Rama Rao  Lect. in Commerce
9  Member  Dr.B.Chandra Mouli  Lect. in Botany
10  Member  Sri V.A. Satyanarayan  Lect. in Telugu
11  Member  Sri G.Satyanarayana  Lect. in English
12  Member  Smt. J.Vijaya Bharathi  Lect. in Hindi
13  Member  Sri G.Kiran Kumar  Lect. in History
14  Member  Dr.Y.Poli Reddy  Lect. in Physical Education 
15  Member  Sri CH.Vijay Kumar  Lect. in Mathematics
16  Member  Dr.G.Vijaya Prathap  Lect. in Zoology
17  Member  Sri B.Venkata Ramana  Lect. in Economics


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